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An Equal World For Everyone…

Building the Equaliversity – a virtual university – and an Mx of Equality business & leadership programme for leaders of the future.

What We Do…

Logo for The Equaliversity: A blue shield with the word Equaliversity in white, and a rainbow infinity symbol underneath

The Equaliversity

A virtual university teaching the world-class leadership development – the Mx of Equality (ME) – for progressive leaders who understand the benefits of workplaces, communities and ecosystems built upon a foundation of equality for everyone.

Elevate your leadership abilities – with the equivalent of an ‘equality MBA’ – and help pave the way to the equal world we need while becoming the kind of leader of the future we need, today.

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The Mission Equality Shop

For impactful merchandise with slogans that mean something, come and grab yourself some stuff from the Mission Equality store, with custom slogans and designs from our team.

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Tools & Resources

We provide a number of freely available tools and resources, including the following language guides which are reviewed & updated regularly:

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About Us

Majority Black and Brown team, two thirds are members of the LGBTQIA2s+ community, a majority identify as neurodivergent, and half identify as Disabled…diversity in all the ways…come and meet the team behind Mission Equality!


Office 47611, PO Box 6945
London, W1A 6US

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