A rainbow-coloured shield logo with the text, Mission Equality.

An Equal World For Everyone…

Building the Equaliversity – a virtual university – and a Master of Equality leadership development program for leaders of the future.

What We Do…

Logo for The Equaliversity: A blue shield with the word Equaliversity in white, and a rainbow infinity symbol underneath

The Equaliversity

A virtual university teaching the world-class leadership development – the Mx of Equality (ME) – for progressive leaders who understand the benefits of workplaces, communities and ecosystems built upon a foundation of equality for everyone.

Elevate your leadership abilities – with the equivalent of an ‘equality MBA’ – and help pave the way to the equal world we need while becoming the kind of leader of the future we need, today.

Logos for the Associations: One Black shield with white writing that reads "Anti-Racist Leaders", one rainbow-coloured shield with text that reads "Mission Equality Leaders".

The Associations

Our monthly support groups, run by world class facilitators, are for active allyship to deliberately disadvantaged communities:

  • Anti-Racist Leaders Association for allyship in anti-racism.
  • Mission Equality Leaders Association for allyship to members of the Disabled, LGBTQIA2S+ and neurodivergent communities.

We provide a facilitated space for people to receive ongoing support as they deepen their own journeys to allyship and leadership in their personal and working lives.

A team photo of the Mission Equality team.

About Us

Majority Black and Brown team, two thirds are members of the LGBTQIA2s+ community, a majority identify as neurodivergent, and half identify as Disabled…diversity in all the ways…come and meet the team behind Mission Equality!


Office 47611, PO Box 6945
London, W1A 6US

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