The Black Paper

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A screenshot of the table of contents for Mission Equality's Black Paper on Equalism.

The Black Paper: On Equalism

Many of us know that the society and systems that drive our society today aren’t working for us; they’re extractive, exhaustive and are, quite literally, turning us into a self-sabotaging species seemingly intent on destroying the beautiful, abundant host planet we are privileged to inhabit. 

The challenge, however, is that in the absence of a possible alternative, the status quo of capitalism remains. This Black Paper sets out Mission Equality’s vision for one such possible alternative to capitalism.  We call it Equalism – a society and world based on equality. 

So how on earth do we move from the embedded and entrenched legacies of colonialism and the all-pervasive structures of capitalism to something different?

With this overarching Black Paper we’ll set out the mindset shifts, frameworks and foundations we have been experimenting with at Mission Equality as an approach to create a different kind of society, based upon a different set of paradigms…

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