The REAL Framework

A structured framework to make equality a REALity…

A black background, and 4 colourful arrows that make a circle. Within each arrow are the words: Representation, Equity, Accountability and Leadership.

The REAL World Equality Framework provides a structured approach to address discrimination of all kinds and create work and social spaces based on true equality.


Representation means that everyone can see themselves reflected, supported and treated equally in society and the communities to which they belong.


Creating equity is a necessary step on the path to equality; it empowers everybody to get to the same starting line with the additional support and accommodations they might need.

It doesn’t take away from those who already have, it simply gives to those who don’t.



Accountability and responsibility go hand in hand. Do you know the distinction? You can choose to be responsible for something, or not. You can be held accountable for something, whether you choose to be, or not. Creating equity and equality in the workplace requires people to be held accountable for their actions and behaviours, whether they choose to be responsible for them, or not. 


The path to equality needs leadership of a different kind; from a paradigm of trust and freedom and not power and control. Leading to equality requires everyone in an organisation to lead themselves and to lead for others. Leading to equality requires unlearning and re-learning. It also looks like exceptional change management because let’s be clear…achieving equality after years of the status quo requires real, lasting and significant change. Any person, of any age, can lead the way to equality…are you in?

 A Note About Attribution, Trademark And Copyright

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. We have made a strategic and conscious decision NOT to trademark or copyright this framework. Please feel free to use and share as you choose – with the only requirement being attribution to Mission Equality – to further the path to equality for everyone.

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