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Are you looking to stand out as a leader and lead from a new paradigm, based on trust and not control?

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Black History Month: Take Action!

Black History Month: Take Action!

October is Black History Month. This year the theme is ‘Time For Change: Action Not Words’. As an aspiring anti-racist ally, I have started to realise that the promise of Black History Month, like Pride month, is rarely matched by the reality. Rather it is often a...

Pardon, Your Bias is Showing

Pardon, Your Bias is Showing

I’m going to let you into a secret: I didn’t learn the term “microaggressions” till decades after I’d already experienced my first one. Microaggressions don’t just happen at work, of course. Black people who live in countries where they are in the minority experience...

The White Person, Paid Anti-Racism Work And Elusive Reparations

The White Person, Paid Anti-Racism Work And Elusive Reparations

There are many white voices talking about racism and anti-racism in the DEI space; it seems to have become yet another arena where white people feel entitled to have their voices heard and elevated (said the white woman). Robin DiAngelo is a notable one. The author of...


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