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Skills-Building To Lead To Equality

A new ecosystem require new skills. Are you ready to gain and hone yours?

Designing and building an entirely new ecosystem requires skills – and many of those are skills that aren’t currently valued in the world today, especially not in the world of work.

But what skills are they and where and how do you acquire them? 

From our work today with progressive organisations around the world – including YWCA SE Wisconsin (USA), Systemic Justice (Denmark) and Avant Arte (UK) – we have seen an urgent need for people at all levels of an organisation to use and excel at the following capabilities and skillsets.

Using and applying these skillsets enables people to identify all forms of inequality where they exist and do something about them – at whatever levels need to be addressed – individually, collectively and systemically…

The Skillsets We Need…

We’re Building The Equaliversity…

The Equaliversity is a virtual university – accessible from anywhere with an internet connection – designed specifically for organisations who’d like to develop and nurture a culture and a workforce with equality at the core. 

We are building a full suite of progressive education programmes to facilitate the unlearning and relearning necessary to lead to, build for and thrive in equality. For you, your leadership team and for all the people in your organisation…

Where To Start…

The Foundations of Equality programme is recommended for everyone in an organisation, at every level to begin to create a common and shared understanding and vision of equality and what it could look like. No need to do any more ‘Unconscious Bias’ workshops or training…it’s time to learn differently so you can do differently!

Let’s Talk!

Are you curious about how we can support you to create a vision of equality for your organisation and be at the forefront of building your own ecosystem of equality around you?


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