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Equalism: Building A Working Ecosystem Of Equality

How many examples of equality can you point to? Isn’t it time we built some more?

Very few of us have experienced equality – especially in the world of work. The more examples of equality that exist, the more people can:

  • Believe that it’s possible.
  • Understand that it’s achievable.
  • Experience that it’s beneficial, for everyone. No one loses out with equality.

And the more we can replicate and expand examples of equality, the more opportunity there is for a new system – that we call Equalism – to become a viable alternative to capitalism. This is, we believe, one possible path to equality…

What Is An Equality Alliance?

The healthiest of ecosystems thrive when each entity within them gives and takes in equal measure; this maintains the harmony and balance for the survival and thriving of the ecosystem and everything within it.

Organisations are no different; they do not function in isolation and are typically part of more than one ecosystem.

The dominant ecosystem within we operate today is driven by capitalism, underpinned by patriarchy and colonialism and is anything but equal, harmonious, balanced or healthy. Instead it is extractive, divisive and harmful.

Our goal is to build and prototype new ecosystems that we can operate within alongside other mission-aligned organisations – who share similar values, principles and goals – across which all our people can exist, work and thrive, safely and, above all, equally.

We call these ecosystems “Equality Alliances”.

Our Vision Of Equality

Here’s a reality that many people haven’t considered: our Equality Alliance may well be different from yours! Because an ecosystem based upon equality meets the needs of those within it, individually and collectively, and those needs will very likely differ from Equality Alliance to Equality Alliance.

Here are some of the things we’d like to experiment with as we build our Equality Alliance with aligned organisations…

An ecosystem which enables people within it to move flexibly and freely between organisations, contributing and receiving to any and all organisations within the ecosystem, as desired and needed.

An ecosystem in which a financing system is in operation which all organisations contribute to and receive from, as able and needed; to develop a different way of investing in and financing impact and growth.

An ecosystem in which all organisations are open to flexible experimentation to continue to create an environment in which all entities – individually and collectively – can flourish and thrive.

Shared Foundations And Guiding Principles

While each Equality Alliance will function uniquely as a system in itself, it is part of a network of other systems – an ecosystem – each one based upon equality. Like any other ecosystem, for Equalism and those within it to function and thrive, shared foundations and principles are needed…

  • Equality for everyone is the goal; while recognising that everyone is on their own path at their own pace, to that goal.
  • Equality requires fundamental paradigm shifts upon which the foundations of equality can be built.
  • Achieving and upholding equality requires adaptability, agility and flexibility – individually, collectively and systemically.

What’s Your Vision Of Equality?

To begin talking about what equality could look like for you and your organisation, the Foundations of Equality programme will help you to create a common and shared understanding and vision of equality and what it could look like… 

Let’s Talk!

If you’d like to talk about how to form your own Equality Alliance or join an existing one, let’s talk!

Directory Of Equality Alliances

If you are interested in joining an existing Equality Alliance, get in touch using the details below.

The Mission Equality Alliance

We are building a prototype for an Equality Alliance with organisations across the globe that are as  committed to equality as the default across everything they do, as we are at Mission Equality.


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